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Useful information to plan your trip to Bhutan.

The below information is valid for all planning to visit Bhutan. But one major area of difference is the mechanism used for tourist from Bangladesh, India and Maldives and the rest of the world. The citizens from India, Bangladesh and Maldives receive visa on arrival and also do not need to used travel agent. Will other citizens need to use a travel agents and also use a tour operator to plan their trip to Bhutan. This is a requirement by the Government of Bhutan.   Weather: The best time to visit Bhutan is during spring (March – May) and autumn. . . . . Read more

Winter in Bhutan

Winter in Thimphu can be chilly, with temperatures dropping down to as low as zero during mornings and evenings, but the afternoon is milder and pleasant and it is the only best time of the year to catch a spectacular view of the Himalayas. With the sky as clear as it can get, and the climate remaining dry and sunny for most part of the day, one can enjoy and admire the view of some of the tallest mountain peaks in the world. Drive up to Dochula, a 17-kilometer ride from Thimphu from where you can get a bird’s eye. . . . . Read more

Distance between tourist hot spots in Bhutan.

Over the last few months we have realized that tourist who visit Bhutan are not very aware of the distance between the major tourist towns in Bhutan, and therefore are either facing unexpected long road trips or making unrealistic plans. Therefore we have decided to write the following blog. For most tourist entering Bhutan it will happen in either Phuntsholing a land based entry point or from Paro the entry point for air travellers. So let us take the two entry points one at a time. From Phuntsholing Distance in Km Phuntsholing Time Taken in hr Comment Thimphu 175 4hr. . . . . Read more

9 things to plan before travelling to Bhutan

While travelling to Bhutan there are a few things travelers must keep in mind. There used to be a time when tourist travelling to Bhutan would carry toilet paper, mineral water and snacks, those days are long gone. The above things are available everywhere these days and are not worth carry with you for your dream holiday. On the other hand there are things you should consider taking care of before your trip to Bhutan. In my opinion the things that you should consider are the following in order of importance. The right type of clothes The weather in Bhutan. . . . . Read more

Nespresso Coffee only @ Hotel Norbuling, Thimphu

We at Hotel Norbuling are proud of the fact that at this moment we are the only establishment that serves Nespresso coffee and we are serving espresso (single or double shot), cappuccino, Latte and flat white to our clients. We are currently using Indriya and Ristretto capsule which are used to make the above coffee. These capsules are being imported from Europe currently with great difficulty. As our credit card in Bhutan does not work online and so we are asking family and friends in France, Finland etc. to buy the capsules and send to us via mail. Even though. . . . . Read more


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