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Kelz Spa at Hotel Norbuling



Kelzs Spa @ Hotel Norbuling

Kelz Spa at Hotel Norbuling, Thimphu, Bhutan

The Kelz’s Spa at Hotel Norbuling. Offers the following treatment by our Masseuse therapists.


60/90 Minutes Nu 2500++/3000++

 This truly effective therapeutic massage helps dissolve aches and strains. Oil is applied to the body using the therapist’s elbows and forearms in this stimulating and deeply energizing massage.


45/60 Minutes Nu 1500++/2500++

This massage helps to concentrate on the areas of greatest tension. It helps to increase the circulation and relieves stiff and achy muscles.


30/45 Minutes Nu 1300++/1500++

 Treat your feet to this special massage and revitalize your entire body. We use organic massage cream or oil.


45/60 minutes Nu 1500++/2500++

 This treatment is based on ancient healing system of Ayurveda.Using warm coconut oil to help nourish hair and the scalp our therapist will also massage the shoulder, neck and back to make sure you are relaxed with reduced tension and improve the circulation and flush out physical and emotional toxins.


60/90 Minutes 2500++/3000++

 This tailored treatment was created to help you shake off stress, increase circulation and relief of stiff, achy muscles. Our specially trained massage therapist will provide a 100% controlled and comfortable deep-stretching session that will leave you and your muscles feeling completely rejuvenated.


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