Nespresso Coffee only @ Hotel Norbuling, Thimphu

We at Hotel Norbuling are proud of the fact that at this moment we are the only establishment that serves Nespresso coffee and we are

serving espresso (single or double shot), cappuccino, Latte and flat white to our clients.

We are currently using Indriya and Ristretto capsule which are used to make the above coffee. These capsules are being imported from Europe currently with great difficulty. As our credit card in Bhutan does not work online and so we are asking family and friends in France, Finland etc. to buy the capsules and send to us via mail.

Even though its take a lot of time and effort to import the capsule, it gives us great pleasure to see our guest’s eyes light up when they see that we serve Nespresso and to watch them savor the coffee, that only familiarity of taste can bring evoke.

We have had guest who after a long tiring rough drive in the Bhutanese mountain road looking to just sleep in the hotel, actually just sit in the lobby and rejuvenate in a few minutes, the way, only a good double espresso can. We have had guest who are staying in other hotel notice the little Nespresso sticker outside our hotel and come in for dose of good coffee and leave feeling

Coffee culture is new in Bhutan and over the last few years there is a few quality café

in Thimphu but outside Thimphu it’s only instant coffee and sometimes it can be very difficult experience for the die hard coffee connoisseurs.

For those of you who are in Thimphu and do not stay in our Boutique hotel in Thimphu (Hotel Norbuling) do feel free to drop by and enjoy Nespresso espresso, latte, cappuccino or flat white.

See you in Thimphu Summer 2014.


Thimphu, Bhutan
Changlam Street,Building #5
Phone: +975 1711 1727 / +975 2 335754 / +975 2 331416

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