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Gaga restaurant in Hotel Norbuling, Thimphu, Bhutan.

In Dzongkha GAGA is the short form for ‘Ga Mi Ga’ which roughly translates to “Happy or Happiness”)Located on the ground floor, GAGA restaurant offers a range of Continental and Asian cuisines (Indian and Chinese) prepared by our experienced chefs. Guests can also enjoy freshly made espresso beverages and a choice of drinks.The restaurant does not use MSG in any of our dishes*. The vegetables used in preparing your dishes are all organic, locally purchased and fresh. It is our belief that by using the best of ingredients it will result in a great dining experience for you.For our valued Indian guest we prepare a limited range of vegetarian food and while it is limited we assure you we make it with our heart for you will enjoy it.In continuation with this philosophy we have chosen an exclusive list for our menu. We do not intend to pretend that we can serve you a vast menu but rather we focus on a menu we know we can serve with great confidence which you will enjoy. Bon Appetite

Gaga Restaurant @ Hotel Norbuling, Thimphu, Bhutan

Gaga Restaurant @ Hotel Norbuling, Thimphu, Bhutan


Indian Chicken Butter Masala
Asian Chicken Satay (served with peanut sauce and penneaioli)
Continental Fish and Chips
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